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Important dates


Registration of speakers online or offline (to the address of the organizing committee): extended until March 15.



Providing full texts of articles (to the address of the organizing committee): extended until March 20.



Review and confirmation of acceptance
  from the organizing committee): until March, 31 

Сonfirmation of acceptance of the article for publication in the journal by June 30

Provision of other documents (to the address of the organizing committee): until April, 10

Poster (for poster session only): until April, 10



Registration fee payment: until April 10



Participation in the conference is organized on the basis of an offer agreement, which will be published on the RUDN UIS portal in February 2022.


The offer agreement does not require  signing by the second party.

The acceptance of the offer agreement by the participant is the fact of sending the application, article and payment of the registration fee.

If the rules of the sending organization require the conclusion of a separate agreement for participation, you must inform the organizing committee in advance.

The registration fee is paid only after receiving confirmation of acceptance of the article for publication

The registration fee is paid 1 time for 1 report:

- basic registration fee - 1500 rubles ,

- when accepting an article for publication in a special issue of journal with indexation in foreign databases - 20 000 rubles

20% discount available:

- employees and students of co-organizing organizations;  

- when presenting a report in international co-authorship.

The registration fee can be paid on the RUDN UIS portal:

by offer contract number  

or through a bank using details (a sample payment document will be available for download here)

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Publication ethics

  The article should be written in a scientific style, have a high level of originality of the text, present new results of the author's (authors') own research. The structure of the article should correspond to the generally accepted one (statement of the problem, relevance, state of knowledge; materials and research methods; research results and their discussion; conclusions).

  The article must be written in compliance with international standards of publication ethics.

  The list of authors of the article should include  all co-authors who were significantly involved in the writing of the work, in the development of its concept, in scientific design, in the collection of material, analysis and interpretation, and only they are presented;

  All co-authors must agree to the publication of the article, and its final text must be agreed with all co-authors.  

  The author submitting an article for publication is responsible for fulfilling the listed conditions.

The Program Committee reserves the right to reject articles that do not correspond to the directions of the conference, as well as those submitted in violation of the principles of scientific and publication ethics (including those with a low percentage of originality of the text and the absence of references to data sources).


Аrticle requirements 

Collection of conference proceedings

- the report material in the form of a short report, 4-5 thousand characters;
- in Russian or English;
- An abstract in Russian and English is obligatory;
- a list of references of at least 4 titles
(including 1-2 own publications of the authors).
- the design requirements are presented in the template.

RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety  

- an article in Russian or English, with a total volume of no more than 25 thousand characters (including tables, illustrations, list of references);

- in Russian or English;

- a meaningful abstract in Russian and English and 3-5 keywords are required;

- in the article it is recommended to allocate subsections in accordance with the generally accepted structure (introduction (justification), purpose, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusions/conclusion).

- the list of literature should contain at least 6 titles, of which no more than 1 is recommended - the authors' own publications.

- full requirements for registration - at the link

To recommend for publication in specialized journals with indexing in Scopus

- article in English without translation errors;
- in the article it is necessary to allocate subsections in accordance with the generally accepted structure (Introduction; Materials and methods;
  results and discussion; Conclusions). Allocation of other sections and subsections is allowed.  

- the list of literature should contain at least 6 titles, of which no more than 1 is recommended - the authors' own publications.

- additional requirements vary for different journals:


"Nature Conservation Research. Reserve Science"

1. Manuscripts must either be based on research conducted (fully, 100%, or predominantly, at least 70%) in protected areas, or be dedicated (fully, 100%, or predominantly, at least 70%) to protected or threatened species.
2. The manuscript should not be exclusively descriptive, i.e. should include an analysis of the data obtained and a discussion of the results obtained.
3. The manuscript must be of scientific interest to an international (and not just national or regional) audience of colleagues.
4. The manuscript should include a comparison / comparison of the data obtained with similar information from other regions of the country under study and from outside it (ie, have a pronounced section or subsection "Discussion").
5. Please note that the journal does not publish articles containing exclusively lists of species for any area, although manuscripts using such data to solve important conservation issues or summary lists of biodiversity of individual taxonomic groups may be considered.
6. The journal does not consider additions to the flora / fauna of a separate protected area - the result of ongoing monitoring of the territory. Only the results of a long-term inventory of the flora/fauna of protected areas can be considered. This means that the results of preliminary or short-term (1 season/year) studies are not considered, giving preference to the publication of the results of long-term studies. An exception may be particularly valuable results that are of interest to an international audience.

"Geography, Environment, Sustainability"

1. The article must thematically correspond to the topics covered by the journal:

The journal focuses on interdisciplinary research at the intersection of geography, environment, urban and regional studies. In particular, the journal covers a wide range of theories, methods and approaches characterizing published works with scientific influence in various disciplines, as well as theoretical and review articles in the fields of geography, environment and sustainable development.
The article must be assigned to at least two subject areas, which are indicated by the author at the application stage:

  1. Physical and humanitarian geography
  2.  Geography, planning and development
  3. Environmental Science (miscellaneous)
  4.  Global and regional changes
  5. Social, economic and cultural sustainability
  6. Environmental sustainability

2. All the rules for registration, requirements for manuscripts, templates and examples of the design of the list of references are presented in the corresponding section of the journal's website at the link .  

"Foods and Raw Materials"

The editors of the scientific journal "Foods and Raw Materials" publishes original articles on the problems of the food and related industries in English. In addition to experimental work, descriptions of fundamentally new research methods and review articles on individual problems are published.

The main requirements for the submitted articles are: the validity of the factual material, clarity, brevity of presentation, reproducibility of experimental data, correct design of the manuscript. When discussing the results, it is necessary to state a reasonable conclusion about the novelty of the materials submitted for publication.

"Vysshee Obrazovanie v Russia"

  Requirements for articles are available on the journal's website at the link .


Russian Journal of Forest Science

1. In the article it is recommended to provide information on the taxation characteristics (species composition, age, height, diameter, density, timber stock) of the trial plots and plots on which the study was carried out. With all its simplicity, this information serves to create an idea for readers in which particular scaffolding options the work was carried out.

2. Requirements for registration are available on the journal's website at the link .