The conference "Actual Problems of Ecology and Nature Management" - one of the first environmental conferences in Russia - was first held in 1999 at the Faculty of Ecology of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, created just 4 years before and became the first faculty in Russia that implements systemic environmental education . As a result of the conference, a collection of abstracts of reports was published and a decision was made to hold the conference annually (the only exception for a number of reasons was 2016, when the conference was not held). 

The status of an international conference was received in 2012.

Traditionally, the directions of the conference cover a wide range of issues of ecology and nature management.

Report on the conference in 2020

The annual international scientific and practical conference on the basis of the Faculty of Ecology of the RUDN University is usually held in April. This year, due to the current epidemiological situation, it was carried out in two stages.

An interactive poster session was held for three days on April 23-25, at which 42 reports from different sections of the conference were presented. The posters of the reports provided by the participants were posted on a special site and visitors had the opportunity to ask the authors questions about the reports; the authors' questions and answers were posted there as they became available. At the end of the session, the posters remained in the public domain. More than 200 visitors to the session were registered. According to the feedback from the participants, " The session was well organized, it was convenient to read the reports and ask questions. The answers were also conveniently located specifically for each poster ." (T. and V. Kolomiets, Republic of Moldova).

In April, a poster remote session was organized, and in September, oral sessions of the sections were held in a remote format. During the three days of the conference, about 100 reports were heard online.

In total, the conference was attended by more than 200 participants (not counting RUDN University employees and students) from different regions of Russia (from Kaliningrad to Ulan-Ude) and different countries (from Romania to Vietnam). One of the interesting moments of the conference was an open lecture by the director of the Research Institute of Zoology of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Roman Vasilyevich Yashchenko.

Despite the unusual format, both sessions of the conference were successful. The organizing committee received a lot of positive feedback from the participants:

It was a real pleasure to participate in this very nice conference that you have organized. I liked it very much. Congratulations for the very good management of these days of the conference, I guess that was not easy. "(Prof. Ioan Bica, Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest).

“I congratulate you on a perfectly organized online conference, everything was done at a high level! I enjoyed participating in it! ” (RV Yashchenko).

The collection of conference proceedings in three volumes can be downloaded from the links at the end of the page. The first volume included reports of the plenary session and sections "Population ecology and ecology of communities", "Nature management and sustainable development". The second volume contains the materials of the reports of the sections "Applied Ecology", "Human Ecology". "Environmental education and education and state environmental policy", as well as a student forum on the study and protection of the environment. The third volume is entirely devoted to the environmental conference of schoolchildren. The collection is indexed in the RSCI.

A special issue of E3S Web of Conferences 169 (APEEM-2020) has been published with selected conference materials. The collection is indexed in Scopus.

Report on the conference in 2021 

On April 22, on the International Earth Day, the 22nd international scientific and practical conference "Actual problems of ecology and nature management" opened, which was held in a mixed face-to-face and remote format. The conference was opened by Andrey Kostin, First Vice-Rector for Research at RUDN University. As he noted, “It is gratifying that our conference starts on the same day as the summit of climate leaders, and this is not happening by chance.” Nikolai Nikolaev, Chairman of the Committee on Natural Resources, Property and Land Relations of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, addressed the conference participants with a welcoming speech, according to him, “Materials of reports, recommendations, discussions and discussions of the conference on environmental issues will be useful in the current legislative activities of the Committee ".

The opening ceremony of the conference was also attended by: Director of the Federal State Budgetary Institution All-Russian Research Institute for Environmental Protection VNII Ecology Daniil Putyatin, General Director  Non-Governmental Environmental Foundation named after V.V. Vernadsky Olga Plyamina, Deputy General Director  Federal Autonomous Institution National Institute of Accreditation Adeliya Lebedeva, Chairman of the Committee for Waste Processing and Secondary Resources LLC "Business Russia" Alexander Kobenko.

During the plenary session of the conference, Director of the Institute of Zoology of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Roman Yashchenko made a report on cooperation between the SCO countries in the field of biodiversity conservation, Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation for Nature Management and Ecology Sergey Chernin spoke about the activities of the State Corporation "GazEnergoStroy" » in the field of reducing accumulated environmental damage and restoring disturbed territories, Professor of Samarkand University Zuvaid Izzatullayev highlighted in detail the environmental problems existing in Uzbekistan.

This year, for the first time, the conference was held simultaneously at two sites: at the Faculty of Ecology of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia and at Samarkand State University, with a constant teleconference between the sites. The conference was widely covered by television of Uzbekistan.

During the conference  about 140 reports of scientists, young scientists, students from 49 Russian universities and 33 research organizations, as well as 17 foreign universities and research organizations were heard in five thematic sections. Access to video recordings of all sections is open on the conference website. 70 reports took part in the interactive poster session on the conference website, which remain open to visitors. (You can view the conference program by clicking on the "Program" button below this report.)

  According to the feedback of the conference participants, “The program was rich and interesting with useful and relevant reports. Special thanks for the opportunity to participate remotely, there were no difficulties from this format.” (Margarita Zharnikova, Baikal Institute of Nature Management, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences); "According to experts, the conference was well organized and held at a high level." (Khusniddin Boymurodov, Samarkand State University).

Within the framework of the conference, a competition of research works of students was held, 8 students were awarded diplomas of the winners of the competition. In addition, 4 students were awarded with special diplomas of the competition "for the best report".

The special issue of E3S Web of Conferences, 265 (APEEM-2021) includes 129 articles, it is published in the public domain on the publisher's website , indexed in Scopus.

The general collection of conference proceedings in three volumes is placed below, in the archive of the conference and will be indexed in the RSCI during 2021.  

Conference archive

Collection of 2017

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Collection of 2018

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Collection of 2019 (in 2 volumes)


Collection of 2020 (in 3 volumes)

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Collection of 2021 (in 3 volumes)

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