Actual Problems of Ecology
and Environmental Management

international scientific and practical conference

April 21-23

XXIII conference


about the event

Working languages of the conference:

  • Russian

  • English

Forms of participation:

  • oral presentation (in person),

  • oral presentation (remotely),

  • poster presentation (remotely on the conference website)

An annual conference for a wide range of participants, including:

  • representatives of international organizations and government bodies of the Russian Federation;

  • Russian and foreign scientists and specialists in the field of ecology, nature management, emergency situations, life safety;

  • undergraduate and graduate students;

  • schoolchildren and their teachers.

Held at the Institute of Environmental Engineering Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University)

Working languages of the conference: Russian, English

Forms of participation:

oral presentation (in person), oral presentation (remotely), poster presentation (remotely on the conference website)



Conference topics
1.  Ecology

structure and dynamics of population size; key factors of the ecological niche of plant and animal species; behavioral ecology and biocommunication; succession processes in soil ecosystems; the influence of anthropogenic factors on the state of ecosystems; bioindication.

2. ​ Environmental Geosciences

geoecological aspects of nature management; geochemistry of the environment; monitoring of the state of the environment; rational use of natural resources; modeling and information  technologies


3.  Soil Ecology

factors of soil formation, dynamics and evolution of soils; ecological functions of soils; productivity  soils; soil ecosystems; the influence of anthropogenic factors on the state of soils; succession processes in  soil ecosystems. in nature management .

4.  Environmental Management  

economic foundations of rational nature management; environmental quality management; environmental protection technologies; problems of implementation of HSE-management; management of socio-ecological and economic systems; topical problems of ecological construction; "green" standards in construction and housing and communal services;   energy efficient materials and conservation technologies; renewable carbon-free energy .


5.Environmental and food safety

technical regulation and environmental safety of products; compliance with the requirements for the environmental safety of products, processes of its production, storage, transportation, disposal,  as a component for making a decision on putting into circulation on the market; environmental labeling; products with improved environmental performance; organic products; optimization of food production, including agricultural products, taking into account the requirements of environmental safety.

6.  Human ecology

problems of human adaptation to changed environmental conditions; management of the adaptive abilities of the body; ecologically caused pathologies.

7.  Environmental Psychology, Law, Education 

environmental education and development priorities of the state;  modern educational technologies in  the field of environmental education; development of a system of continuous environmental education; internal  and foreign state policy in the field of ecology; legal foundations of rational nature management;.

Within the framework of the conference

  •   Student Research Paper Competition

for oral presentations only

  •    Environmental conference for schoolchildren

in accordance with the topics of the conference, with the publication of materials of works that meet the requirements for scientific publications in the collection of scientific papers of the conference (volume 3);

schoolchildren research papers competition - only for oral presentations

  •    The conference program also includes an excursion along an ecological trail in the Museum-Reserve “Kolomenskoye”

  • Сonference proceedings collection
Materials of all reports are published as short articles or abstracts in Russian or English.
Сollection is placed on the conference website in electronic form after the conference.
  • Special issue of «RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety»
Materials of reports are published as articles in Russian or English , only after receiving a positive review from an expert of the program committee.
The journal is included in the VAK list, in Google Scholar, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, WorldCat, East View, EBSCOhost
Articles are published in the public domain on the journal's website: http://journals.rudn.ru/ecology
  • Collection of selected articles (submitted for indexing in Scopus)

Collections of selected articles 2020, 2021 published in E3S Web of Conferences: 169 (2021), 265 (2021)
In 2022, it was decided to refuse to publish the collection in such editions. Instead, agreements are being made with a number of journals indexed in Scopus to publish selected articles on conference proceedings.
It is planned:
- a special issue of the journal "Geography, Environment, Sustainability".
- a special issue of the journal "Nature Conservation Research";

- expedited review and inclusion of papers in the regular issue of the journals "Vysshee Obrazovanie v Rossii", "Foods and Raw Materials",  "Russian Journal of Forest Science".
We hope that the list will be expanded in the near future.



and venue

RUDN University
Institute of Environmental Engineering

8-5, Podolskoye shosse

Moscow, Russia

e-mail: ecoconfrudn@gmail.com

contact person: Tatiana Ledashcheva


Organizational and information support

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Institute of Environmental Engineering, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
Vernadsky Non-governmental Environmental Foundation
The Moscow State Integrated Art and Historical Architectural and Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve
International Sakharov Environmental Institute of Belarusian State University 

Institute of Zoology of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Samarkand State University

Research Center "Ecology and Water Problems" of the Karshi Engineering Economic Institute

Foundation for the Support and Development of Protected Areas "Bear Land"
Journal "Geography, Environment, Sustainability"

Russian Journal of Forest Science